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The Groove was founded in the wake of former CrossFit gym. Wanting to have a new home for CrossFitters, The Groove was born. 

We recognize though that CrossFit is not for everybody. Our founding principles are on providing a great workout for any BODY! For that reason, we have created science-based programming for our group fitness classes. We offer a range of classes from traditional CrossFit, to Functional Training.

We believe in giving you the most out of your time in the gym. If you need modifications, THAT'S OK! Our highly skilled coaches will work with your experience and ability so that you are successful and get the results you desire. 


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We use our evidence-based approach to design effective workouts. We combine Olympic weight lifting, body weight movements, functional fitness, with metabolic conditioning to create effective training for everyone. However, we recognize that not everyone wants to do Olympic weight lifting, or CrossFit style workouts. So we scale and customize the workouts for each individual.


Evidence-Based Approach: We stay at the forefront of fitness science, incorporating proven methods into our training. This evidence-based approach ensures that you are getting the most effective workouts. You will feel and see the results!

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We’ve created more than just a gym; we’ve fostered an environment where each workout is an uplifting experience for every person who steps in the door. Our philosophy is that every day, we have an atmosphere that is vibrant, inclusive and bursting with energy that you will run home to tell everyone about! 


Functional movements are essential to independent living and longevity. These are movements that will help you sustain healthy living as you age. They are safe and will have a positive impact in your daily life, no matter what stage of life you are in. We want you to be able to carry your baby comfortably, sit down on the couch without pain, carry groceries in from the car, walk your dog without getting out of breath. Our passion is not only to help you in the gym, but help you with life! 


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"Your health is an investment, not an expense."


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Our membership is $99/month and you get unlimited class access AND access to open gym!! We believe in keeping memberships simple and affordable. 

What membership options do you have?

Our gym is for EVERYONE! No matter your current fitness level. 

Is your gym for everyone or only athletes and fit people?

Yes, we do!. Our membership includes access to open gym! 

Do you offer Open Gym?

Yup! We are here for everyone! But shoot us a message so we know when to expect you! 

Can anyone just join your gym and show up to class?

If you are traveling through and want to do a class, please come join us! We offer drop-in’s at $20/class. Shoot us a message and we’d love to have you come in! 

What is your drop-in policy?

Yup! We have Earth Fed Muscle Protein, LMNT and FitAids available for purchase at the gym. 

Do you have any supplements? 

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