Kids of Groove

Where Fitness and Fun Begin for the Young Ones

Nurturing Healthy Habits for a Lifetime of Wellness

At Groove Fitness, we believe in the importance of instilling a love for fitness and health from an early age.

Our dedicated Kids Room and specialized Kids Fitness Classes are more than just amenities – they are a testament to our commitment to family-friendly fitness and overall wellness for all ages.

Our top notch kids room is a safe haven for fun! Understanding the challenges parents face in balancing fitness and family, our Kids Room offers a perfect solution.

Equipped with a 75-inch TV, all the popular streaming channels, free wi-fi if they prefer to bring their own tablet, and a variety of engaging toys, this space ensures your kids are entertained, safe, and close by while you focus on your workout. It’s a place where kids can be kids, fostering social interaction and fun in a secure environment.



Our Kids Fitness Classes are designed to introduce the young ones to the joy of physical activity. Through age-appropriate exercises, and lots of fun, these classes aim to promote physical fitness, coordination, and basic athletic skills. By participating, children learn the value of staying active, developing healthy habits that can last a lifetime.



This program is specifically designed to help young athletes enhance their athletic abilities and achieve their performance goals. Our expert coaches focus on developing key skills such as strength, speed, agility, and endurance, which are crucial for all sports. We employ age-appropriate exercises and drills that not only improve their athletic ability, but also teach the importance of teamwork, and discipline. This training is ideal for young athletes looking to elevate their game, whether they’re aspiring to excel in school sports, club teams, or just aiming to improve their overall athletic performance.

Our approach is about more than just physical training; it's about building confidence, resilience, and a sportsmanship spirit that young athletes can carry both on and off the field. With Groove Fitness’s Sports Performance Training, young athletes get the opportunity to push their limits, refine their skills, and grow in an environment that celebrates their passion for sports and fitness.


Groove is a community that cares for each member, regardless of their age.

We provide a supportive and nurturing environment where every child can feel a sense of belonging and achievement.

We strongly believe that fitness should be a family affair. By offering these services, we not only make it easier for parents to maintain their fitness routines but also encourage families to embark on a journey of health and wellness together. It’s about creating a culture where fitness is a shared value, and healthy living is a collective goal.

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